New Year’s Eve

It’s that time again: when one reflects on the past year, and thinks about what the new year might bring. (For me, the highlight of 2017 was becoming an aunt to a very cute nephew!)

However, some events of this year remain difficult to think about. The year was marred by tragedy, both close to home and further afield. I lost an uncle in tragic circumstances. My friend lost her eldest daughter in a car accident (just days short of her fifth birthday). A well-respected acquaintance died unexpectedly. All within the space of weeks! More recently, another wonderful person passed away due to illness.

Looking to the future, it’s hard not to feel a little nervous (although personally, the past month has been triumphant for me). I feel like the symptoms of my chronic illness have been in remission, as in, better than 90%! Dad and I even spent a week in Tasmania recently, and I was able to hike the Three Capes Track! (Yes, seriously!!)

How long will these better times last? No idea. I’m choosing not to fret about it, though. My motto for 2018 will continue to be ‘one day at a time’. After all, today is all we have.




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