First, a note on courage, faith, and strength: these are not attributes I claim to possess.
Rather, they are what I need most of all!

I’m reminded daily that these are gifts from God, and not self-generated.

This blog is where I share my thoughts on the intersection of life, faith, and chronic illness.
(I’ve had a life-altering neuroimmune condition, widely known as ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ [aka Myalgic Encephalomyelitis] for almost five years now.)

The good news? My health has improved a whole lot since I first began this blog. These days, I can do personal study for about 15hrs a week, and go out occasionally, with usually only minor repercussions. Sure, I still have to be careful and pace myself, but anyone who has (or has had) this illness will appreciate the huge significance of any kind of improvement!

Let’s hope it will last.

Living with a chronic illness has required a shift in emphasis. Today, I’m still learning, and lessons have been hard-won. I’ve had a desire to share some of the insights I’ve learned along the way for awhile.

I hope the observations shared here will encourage, strengthen, and maybe even inspire you!

With kind regards,


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